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Puddle diplomacy

“I can see we’re going to get along like a house on fire,” said Miss Tick. “There may be no survivors.” Terry Pratchett, “The Wee Free Men”

Getting along isn’t always about supply and demand.

Miles and Sophie, two buds in one puddle.

Once, we allowed our late dog Aldo, to have a play date on the beach. It all went well until the two got thirsty and Aldo decided all of Lake Michigan belonged to him. All of it.

He bit the other dog on the ear. I stood on the hot sand and wrote a check to cover the other dog’s veterinary expenses.

Fast forward to Miles — a surfer dude among dogs — and he’s ready to share even a puddle. The only puddle as it happened in this photo. You can see him standing happily next to Sophie the golden, a neighbor dog. They were slurping the fresh rainwater side by side just before this shot was taken and were splashing wildly just after.

Good dogs!

Nope. It’s not really not what’s out there or not out there that causes the troubles and violence in our world. It’s what’s — or, more specifically, who’s — in us or not in us.

God is gracious. There’s enough puddle for us all. May we be so filled to the brim with His love that we can see that.

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