Welcome, friends!

Hello! I am an Appalachian writer who enjoys family time, coffee, vegan “cheeseNoraEdingerMug2mbJune2018,” mixed-breed dogs, porch swings and daisies — not always in that order. If you’d like to join me on a slightly quirky journey through the joys of life, please check out my JOY Journal blog on this site.

If you like that, you might also enjoy my Christian chick lit — which doesn’t include a single Amish buggy or Victorian-era cowboy. I am a long-time journalist. My chick lit is full of fun and faith, but is grounded in contemporary culture. That’s what we live — why shouldn’t we be able to read about it in good conscience!

My first title, Dune Girl, is a beach-read version of the Old Testament romance between Ruth and Boaz. Why a beach read? Because even the best love stories are better with sand and surf!

Interested? Dune Girl is now available as an e- book for Kindles, smart phones, tablets and other computers at  Amazon Kindle.   

And, good news — if it’s your fiction fit —  more books are coming. Watch this site for release details on my new Match Made in Almost Heaven series.


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