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Dune Girl cover

DUNE GIRL LIVE ON AMAZON — Dune Girl is a clean-read/beach-read take on the Old Testament romance between Ruth and Boaz with a fully contemporary spin.

A quick look: If Michael Alton’s hair is full of wood chips from a wild furniture-carving session, who cares? It’s not like he’s a CEO anymore. It’s not like his wife is still alive to notice. Life is simple. He’s got his art, his family, some great friends and a shield around his heart that is nearly as big as his dog. And, that’s just fine until the day TV journalist Maggie Brady explodes into his beach-side workshop wearing a wedding dress intended for another man and trailing a change of circumstances sure to rip apart her big-city, big-money world in a single day.

Available on Amazon as an e-book, it can be downloaded onto Kindles, smart phones and tablets. Or, if you select the cloud feature when making the purchase, you can access the title on a laptop or other type of computer if that is where you read. E-book edition includes recipes and a book-club guide.

Interested? Dune Girl is live at Amazon Kindle.

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