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MAKING A GRAND EXIT — Are you afraid to die? If you are, you are not alone. Even many Christians, whose very faith core is the hope of heaven, face such feelings.

Making a Grand Exit: Biblical Answers to Our Fear of Dying, actually sprang from one such Christian’s experience. Watching this church friend battling both cancer and a terror of impending death inspired me to explore what the Bible actually says about dying, death and God’s forever place, heaven.

What I found — both in God’s Word and through a near-death experience of my own — is now available in book form.

Making a Grand Exit specifically answers the questions that some Christians are reluctant to talk about, such as: Why do people die? Is it OK for Christians to be afraid to die? What will happen when I die? What will happen to those I leave behind? and What is heaven really like? Answers are drawn solely from scripture.

Join me in hearing what God has to say and taking Him at His Word. The scriptures speak of joy, love and forever life — and a God who never intended for his people to face death in fear.

Making a Grand Exit also keeps the door open to readers who are investigating spirituality — respecting those of other faiths or no faith while speaking from an openly Christian viewpoint.


DUNE GIRL: The first in a series of Match Made in Almost Heaven novels, Dune Girl is a clean-read/beach-read take on the Old Testament romance between Ruth and Boaz with a fully contemporary spin.

A quick look: If Michael Alton’s hair is full of wood chips from a wild furniture-carving session, who cares? It’s not like he’s a CEO anymore. It’s not like his wife is still alive to notice. Life is simple. He’s got his art, his family, some great friends and a shield around his heart that is nearly as big as his dog. And, that’s just fine until the day TV journalist Maggie Brady explodes into his beach-side workshop wearing a wedding dress intended for another man and trailing a change of circumstances sure to rip apart her big-city, big-money world in a single day.

E-book edition includes recipes and a book-club guide.

FUTURE FICTION RELEASES — More books in the A Match Made in Almost Heaven series are in production. Watch here for release information. 🙂