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With the exception of my 2020 title Suspended Aggravation, my fiction and non-fiction works are available exclusively as e-books. They can be downloaded onto Kindles, smart phones and other devices.


++Thanks to an arts patron, Suspended Aggravation was released chapter by chapter on Weelunk magazine throughout 2020. The entire work is now available as a FREE READ. ++

Please click HERE to READ FOR FREE on Weelunk magazine or click HERE to listen to a behind-the-scenes interview that aired March 2, 2020 on West Virginia Public Radio.


This clean-read romance was serialized to take place in nearly real time in the entirely real city of Wheeling, W.Va. Only the people and the plot are fictional.

A quick look: He’s back! Allie Bennett never expected to see Gabe Morelli again after he hung her heart out to dry in a high school romance gone, well, sad. Yet, here he is, back in town after 12 long years. Before she can even fathom what that means, he leaves her hanging again – from a bridge! And, this time, it isn’t just a pack of mean girls watching. It’s the whole world.


DUNE GIRL (2018) This clean-read/beach-read is a fully contemporary, joyful take on the Old Testament romance between Ruth and Boaz.

A quick look: If Michael Alton’s hair is full of wood chips from a wild furniture-carving session, who cares? It’s not like he’s a CEO anymore. It’s not like his wife is still alive to notice. Life is simple. He’s got his art, his family, some great friends and a shield around his heart that is nearly as big as his dog. And, that’s just fine until the day TV journalist Maggie Brady explodes into his beach-side workshop wearing a wedding dress intended for another man and trailing a change of circumstances sure to rip apart her big-city, big-money world in a single day.


MAKING A GRAND EXIT (2019) — Are you afraid to die? If you are, you are not alone. Even many Christians, whose very faith core is the hope of heaven, face such feelings.

Making a Grand Exit: Biblical Answers to Our Fear of Dying, actually sprang from one such Christian’s experience. Watching this church friend battling both cancer and a terror of impending death inspired me to explore what the Bible actually says about dying, death and God’s forever place, heaven.

What I found — both in God’s Word and through a near-death experience of my own — is now available in book form.

Making a Grand Exit specifically answers the questions that some Christians are reluctant to talk about, such as: Why do people die? Is it OK for Christians to be afraid to die? What will happen when I die? What will happen to those I leave behind? and What is heaven really like? Answers are drawn solely from scripture.