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Is your life in pieces?

If your answer is "yes," I hear you. We all hear you. It's that kind of an era. My short response would be: Don't fear -- God is excellent at putting things back together if you'll just let Him. But, while I have lived long enough to know for myself that this is true, sometimes… Continue reading Is your life in pieces?


Pumpkin palooza — you know you’re ready!

It's fall. Sort of. If you are more than ready, here are a handful of recipes to start the season off right from one of my newspaper posts. Some are from my blog archives -- but one is new and it is my fave of the moment. Nacho Pumpkin Soup is good enough to, say,… Continue reading Pumpkin palooza — you know you’re ready!


Getting splashy with rain gardens

Just did this story about a type of gardening that helps control the flow of storm water for a local newspaper. If you live in a flood-prone area, rain gardens are an unusually pretty way to keep water from downspouts out of the streets -- and your basement. Read more here. P.S. The garden pix… Continue reading Getting splashy with rain gardens

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Is Post Pandemic Stress Syndrome a thing?

I recently heard that a certain percentage of survivors of the influenza epidemic of the early 1900s manifested Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for a handful of years after the dying stopped. The journalist in me wondered how modern Americans could determine an accurate percentage for something that happened a century ago -- particularly given that… Continue reading Is Post Pandemic Stress Syndrome a thing?