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“Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 17 live, FREE

To link to Chapter 17 or earlier chapters, click here. Chapter 17 is live and, thanks to the generosity of an arts patron, the link is FREE. A quick look: Allie says yes to the dress during a lunch break in St. Clairsville. Gabe books a honeymoon cabin at Canaan Valley. Can a speedy wedding… Continue reading “Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 17 live, FREE

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“Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 16 live, FREE

Link here to read Chapter 16. Scroll to the bottom of the link to access earlier chapters. 🙂 Chapter 16 of "Suspended Aggravation," my newest romance, is live on Weelunk magazine. This serialized release is supported by an arts patron, meaning linking and reading is FREE. A quick look: Can a late-night walk and talk… Continue reading “Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 16 live, FREE

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Chapter 15 of “Suspended Aggravation” live, FREE

Click here to read this week's chapter. Chapter 15 of my serialized magazine release of "Suspended Aggravation" is live and free of charge. You can also catch up with earlier chapters by scrolling to the bottom of the link. A quick look at this chapter: The big news is out – sort of. The Bridge… Continue reading Chapter 15 of “Suspended Aggravation” live, FREE