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Assuming positive intent

“It is a troublesome thing, Halford, this susceptibility to affronts where none are intended.” Anne Brontë, "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" At a recent workshop associated with the journalistic part of my career, a statement made by a Millennial arrested my attention. During some rule setting that preceded a group discussion, this young woman set a… Continue reading Assuming positive intent

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Is supernatural power real?

Once -- when I was a tiny California girl and the 1970s Jesus Movement was in its waning days -- something extraordinary happened at church. A wild-eyed LSD addict walked into the sanctuary and she didn't walk out. Percy Jackson's got nothing on God... "But we have this treasure (salvation) in earthen vessels (ordinary human… Continue reading Is supernatural power real?

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The nature of silver

"Every crowd has a silver lining." P.T. Barnum, American circus entrepreneur The fact our silver-cleaning method involves a puff of smoke at its start concerns me. This doesn't stop us from boiling water, baking soda and aluminum foil and dipping tarnished pieces into the mix, however. It just means we run the fan in the… Continue reading The nature of silver

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God’s still calling

Pulling over a feature from Weelunk.com. If you've ever wondered if God's still calling people, here's the answer. Blessings!! Amanda and Matt with baby Jane Couple Trades Big Pay for Big Blessings  Nora Edinger  December 11, 2018 Editor’s note: As part of a continuing series on how Wheeling residents express their spirituality, today’s post features… Continue reading God’s still calling