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A tiny dose of perspective

While I was interviewing nuns ranging from age 45 to 101 for this piece, I was intrigued. I am not a Roman Catholic, but I discovered that church ladies are church ladies. We all kind of look, think and behave alike. Seriously. 🙂 Today's Weelunk magazine post takes a look at a community of nuns… Continue reading A tiny dose of perspective

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My fear-of-dying book is FREE until midnight Monday; share this offer any nice way you like :)

Is corona virus freaking you out? Are you sick? Is someone you love especially vulnerable? Good news -- if you're already a believer, there's peace to be found in God's Word! And, if you're still seeking a relationship with God, His joyful, death-defeating plan is revealed in the same place! If you need an introduction… Continue reading My fear-of-dying book is FREE until midnight Monday; share this offer any nice way you like 🙂

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Nothing but grace between the mugger and me

About 10 a.m. last Tuesday, I walked out of a magazine office in a nice section of a nice city and found myself in the middle of a mugging. Literally. Impressive. But, God's armor is more so. The mugger briefly focused her attention on me. But, within seconds, an elderly woman was down in the… Continue reading Nothing but grace between the mugger and me

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Beautiful from every angle

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  Martin Luther King, Jr. There was a point during a brief trip to my hometown over the holidays that I stood outside a skating rink with our daughters. Had it not been for a career twist… Continue reading Beautiful from every angle

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Praying like it is cancer

“Bad news should always come after lunch.. first thing in the morning everything left a bruise.” Stephen King, American novelist A mess, for sure. But, where there's life, there's hope. Some things I'd really rather not know. But, try as I might to keep bad news at bay, information just keeps rolling in. For at… Continue reading Praying like it is cancer