Mixed-Bag Sun Tea

“Here in the South, we don’t hide crazy. We put it on the front porch and give it a sweet tea.” unknown author

Forget the sweet tea, actually. You won’t need sugar if you try this Mixed-Bag Sun Tea. As easy as a summer afternoon, the sun does all the work and creates a mellow tea that’s even better than the kind brewed on the stove top. Enjoy!

Fill a large glass pitcher (like a half gallon or so) with room-temperature water. Filtered tastes better. Add seven bags of tea — four real tea (black or green) and three herbal tea (chai, berry, citrus, peppermint, etc. or throw in some herbs from the garden if you like.)

Rubber band a dish cloth over the top to keep the bugs out and set the whole thing in the sun. Whenever the tea looks the right color to you — brewing speed depends on how sunny and warm the day is — taste a sip. If it’s strong enough for your liking, remove the bags and refrigerate the pitcher. Serve in tall glasses, with lots of ice, on a porch near you.

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