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Better than kryptonite

“Somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a note on the window that said, ‘parking fine.’ That was nice.” bumper sticker wisdom

It’s kind of like being Moses at the edge of the Red Sea. Or, like carrying a load of kryptonite in the trunk — with all the other drivers somehow being close kin of Superman.

It’s true. Even those motorists who would prefer to be close enough to count the hairs of backseat passengers are suddenly giving us such a wide berth even my teen with the learners’ permit can’t help but laugh.

“Look,” she said on a recent outing, “they’re like five car lengths behind me now.”

What has brought on all this courtesy? Terror.

My husband, resourceful guy that he is, found a magnetic sticker for the back bumper whose two words make even interstate truckers tremble. STUDENT DRIVER. We position it close to a small dent she had nothing to do with.

Really, I’m not sure what they think she’s going to do. Make a screeching stop? Start zig-zagging across multiple lanes? Drive up a tree?

She’s done none of the above. But, they obviously think such things are a possibility. She was a bit offended when I told her this. I also told her that it never hurts for a woman to maintain a bit of mystery. Cue eye roll.

I’m just afraid I will forget to take it off if it’s just me in the car one of these days. Or, maybe I’m not. Maybe it’s other people who will be afraid.

Perhaps he can order a couple more.

11 thoughts on “Better than kryptonite”

    1. πŸ™‚ I think the quote is a joke that might not be as understandable outside the U.S. Here, a “parking fine” is a ticket that means you have to pay a “fine” or a “fee.” Puns don’t translate very well across cultures, I suspect. Have a blessed day!!

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    1. πŸ™‚ I am off my game after a couple weeks away! I misread your comment as “tailed gators are annoying.” Hahahaha! I guess that would be true, however. Have a great day!


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