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New book under contract; coming out as magazine series starting in February!

A writer’s dream team: Editors Alex Weld and Phyllis Sigal, me, and photo-illustrators Dillon Richardson and Johnathon Porter. Feeling blessed to be working with such talented people while doing what I love — a real thank you, Jesus moment!

Here is a piece of news I hope will bring a smile to both readers of Dune Girl (available here for $2.99) and writers who are working toward a book deal: My second novel is under contract!

It’s true! Suspended Aggravation will be released in weekly installments through e-magazine starting in February. I will post a link each time a new chapter is live and — another piece of good news — there is no access charge.

Here’s a quick look at the content of this Christian chick-lit-style romance:

He’s back! Allie Bennett never expected to see Gabe Morelli again after he hung her heart out to dry in a high school romance gone, well, sad. Yet, here he is, back in Wheeling after 12 long years. Before she can even fathom what that means, he leaves her hanging again – from a bridge! And, this time, it isn’t just a pack of mean girls watching. It’s the whole world.

🙂 Look for more details on the release in future posts or under the BOOKS button on my home page. Blessings, blog friends!

32 thoughts on “New book under contract; coming out as magazine series starting in February!”

    1. Thanks, Liz! This one has been a real writing adventure — I’m tailoring a version of one book to unfold in essentially real time in a real place. Fun, but lots to think through to not mess up the plot down the road. 🙂

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