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FREE READ — Chapter 1 of “Suspended Aggravation” live today!

Suspended Aggravation — my new novel done in a Wheeling, West Virginia-centric way — is live today.

In this week’s release of chapter 1 (on, I hope you’ll “fall” for main characters Gabe and Allie. 🙂 Watch this site or NoraEdingerBooks on Facebook (scroll down on this page to see this) for a link each Sunday as this story releases chapter by chapter.

As this publication is patron supported, you can LINK HERE for a FREE READ of chapter 1. Each link helps demonstrates the market for clean reads, faith fiction and indy authors. THANK YOU!

9 thoughts on “FREE READ — Chapter 1 of “Suspended Aggravation” live today!”

  1. Clearly Suspended Aggravation will be my Sunday afternoon read. Was so excited to see the link posted that I hopped right over to Weelunk and devoured the first installment. You paint a great word picture but the addition of the photographs drove home that fact that Wheeling is a real place. I will enjoy getting to know this part of West Virginia through your characters. I also appreciated the historical information you included at the end of today’s segment. Looking forward to reading more and holding out hope that by the end of the book Gabe might just get that “big old black lab” to ride shotgun in his truck😉

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    1. Beth, this is an odd ask, but could you copy and paste this comment onto the comments section of the link, as well? Weelunk took a leap of faith in publishing faith fiction on a secular magazine site. I am hoping readership will demonstrate it was a good risk!!


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