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Did you miss it? ‘Suspended Aggravation’ Chapter 4 is live, free and full of PLOT CLUES!

Link here to read Chapter 4 — FREE. 🙂

In case you missed it, Chapter 4 of Suspended Aggravation is live and free for the linking thanks to the generosity of an arts patron!

Here’s a quick look at what’s happening: This week’s installment of my newest romance novel takes readers back to the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, where the story started, but from Gabe’s POV this time. Is he a good guy? A #MeToo guy? Something in between? Allie has no idea.

And, as to PLOT CLUES, I have been dropping several in the first few chapters. 🙂

As I did, with Dune Girl, my first romance, I like to work with a Bible story deeply embedded in a fully contemporary plot. In Dune Girl, I was working with the Old Testament story of Ruth and Boaz.

Can anyone guess which story I’m writing a completely fictional sequel to in Suspended Aggravation?

2 thoughts on “Did you miss it? ‘Suspended Aggravation’ Chapter 4 is live, free and full of PLOT CLUES!”

    1. I know!!! The slow pace is kind of fun even for me, though — and I know what’s coming next. I’ve really had time to think about what happens in each scene! Kind of the pace of real life. 🙂


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