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Crown of thorns vs. corona virus

Jesus died for our salvation — and suffered for our healing. Have hope!

O Lord who wore a crown of thorns, we are once again helpless when it comes to saving ourselves.

We ask for your mercy, O God. Not because we deserve it, but because you are good.

Mercy for believers and seekers, skeptics and haters. Mercy for scientists and nurses and doctors who are doing all they can. Mercy for the sick and the fearful.

Comfort for those who already mourn.

Wisdom where there is no wisdom. Peace where there is no peace. Hope where there is no hope.

Deliver us, O God. Be our King of Kings!

21 thoughts on “Crown of thorns vs. corona virus”

  1. Nora, you say this well. Interesting that Corona means crown, and that our Lord’s Crown is greater than any other. Your writing makes me think of a true saying: “Don’t tell the Lord about your mountain, tell your mountain about the Lord.” Blessings my friend. ♥

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      1. Yes Nora,
        Interestingly enough while here in The Gambia where handshaking as a greeting is common place I am practicing advice given at mass to replace handshake as sign of peace by placing palm or right hand over chest. This alternative is acceptable by locals as the gesture is often used also.
        When I used it recently when approached by small children it was heartening to hear them say in unison ‘corona virus’.

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      2. Yes Nora and since Valentine’s Day staff at local restaurant have jokingly carried on ‘peace & love greeting’ so no we have a double whammy 🙂. Enjoy weekend

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