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“Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 9 live

Chapter 9 of my newest novel, which is being released in serial fashion through a magazine, is live.

A quick look: The world has gone crazy for Wheeling’s couple of the day. There’s also a downtown picnic and another brush with fame.

Link to read here.

7 thoughts on ““Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 9 live”

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Praying for you daily — for wellness, enough sleep, clarity of thought! I suspect you are now a “princess warrior” rather than “little princess.”

      We are staying in except for exercise. Our whole neighborhood is on the prowl, walking dogs, riding bikes etc. — just with big distances between households. We’ve done some early gardening, too. I know this kind of thing is a luxury you don’t have right now. I pray your life will have moments of joy and normalcy even in the middle of this present trouble. God is able!!

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  1. Congratulations Nora for the achievement.
    Stay safe and blessed
    May lord almighty bestow you more and more with guidance and blessings. Ameen!

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      1. my plesure!
        thank u so much for the prayers and wishes.
        yes, God is capable of everything
        you too stay well and blessed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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