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Loving others — lavishly!

“I wanna live like there’s no tomorrow, love like I’m borrowed time. It’s good to be alive.” Jason Gray, American contemporary-Christian songwriter/singer

If the love of Jesus is in your heart, it can “bearly” be contained.

Put a bear in your car, your window, your doorway or on your porch. That’s one of the newest and sweetest ways to love others with a small dose of the lavish abandon that Jesus has already poured out on this world.

Inspired by the children’s camp song “Goin’ on a Bear Hunt,” people all over the U.S. are putting out bears that families out for a walking or driving break with small children can “hunt.”

Elsewhere, people are painting and writing inspirational things on their sidewalks with chalk, sewing up wildly-patterned mask covers for healthcare workers or planting seeds for a garden that will make someone smile a few weeks or even months from now.

And, that’s not the half of it.

Some neighborhoods are organizing social-distanced parades with participants in full-body dinosaur costumes. In our neighborhood, one guy is giving the occasional bagpipe concert from his backyard. I can now tell you with certainty that nothing says “in your face” to COVID-19 quite like the “Highland Fling” played on what was originally an instrument of war.

None of these things speaking to you? Call someone. Check on someone. Pray for someone — someone you don’t particularly like. Or, if you are really feeling the love of God, share some toilet paper. πŸ™‚

We had a few 2019 leftovers that promise big and bold. We also drew from our spice stash. I’ve always wanted to grow fennel. It took a pandemic to make me actually do it.

24 thoughts on “Loving others — lavishly!”

  1. I love the going on a bear hunt idea.

    In the UK we have a similar idea. We are all helping our children to colour in rainbows and displaying them in our windows. This is to show Hope and to show support for :-

    “staying safe at home to support our NHS (and other keyworkers) and save lives”.

    On Thursday evening we all stood at our front doors and gave the NHS (and keyworkers) a round of applause. It was quite moving to hear how many people were applauding. Some people even set off fireworks. Its great to see how communities around the world are finding many ways to come together in any way they can at this time.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Those are nice things to hear. It has been really joyful to see what people are doing. I especially loved it when people in Italy were singing from their balconies. Be well and blessed, Clare!!

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  2. What great ideas. Creativity is flowing, and I’m witnessing far more generosity of spirit than anything else. It’s heartening to experience the kindness of communities that are reaching out to neighbors and passersby. Nora, blessings of health, peace and provision to you and your family β™₯

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    1. Thanks, Julie. The hearts sound sweet, too. We’re making masks now. When we have quantity, we may hang a few on the fence if people need them. They’re a simple surgical style, but a study from 15 years ago says that’s enough to filter out about 80 percent of microbes. So, we’ll go for it. Blessings!!

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