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Chapter 15 of “Suspended Aggravation” live, FREE

Click here to read this week’s chapter.

Chapter 15 of my serialized magazine release of “Suspended Aggravation” is live and free of charge. You can also catch up with earlier chapters by scrolling to the bottom of the link.

A quick look at this chapter: The big news is out – sort of. The Bridge BAE’z are engaged! Social media would no doubt be abuzz, but no one who really matters is all that happy about it.

10 thoughts on “Chapter 15 of “Suspended Aggravation” live, FREE”

  1. Gabe’s words, “It’s an extraordinary circumstance and that makes an extraordinary courtship seem perfectly reasonable — kind of like getting married in time of war,” made me think of the of the Sullivan’s story in your magazine piece “2 Sweet Elopment Stories for Troubled Times.” Eager to read next week’s chapter to see how Gabe and Allie tackle this new challenge.

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    1. I thought exactly the same thing! 🙂

      It’s really been odd. I wrote the base of “Suspended Aggravation” in 2016. All I am doing now is taking the original chapters and moving the setting to Wheeling and tweaking the timeline to an alternate reality of 2020. Yet — somehow — the story is going to wind up closely tracking the emotional/spiritual element of 2020 even though COVID is not technically in the storyline. God obviously knew when and where this book would see the light of day!

      Monday blessings!!

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    1. 🙂 Not sure if you’re referring to the writing on the fly or the quick marriage! The writing has been a joy, maybe because I worked so many years on newspaper deadlines.

      I think I would have been scared to marry in haste, though. My husband and I dated four years. But, I’ve interviewed many couples over the years who married after a few weeks or months and were still together decades later. So, who knows!!??

      Monday blessings!

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