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“Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 21 is live, FREE

Click here to read Chapter 21. Or scroll to the bottom of the link to access earlier chapters.

Chapter 21 is live and FREE on Weelunk magazine, thanks to the generosity of an arts patron. πŸ™‚

A quick look: Flat on his back with injury, Gabe has time to assess what he and Allie are going to face medically and emotionally. To complicate things, news of the Bridge BAE’z unfortunate accident is spreading quickly.

7 thoughts on ““Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 21 is live, FREE”

  1. Spent a wonderful week in the mountains with family completely disconnected from technology. It was hard coming home to the realities of masks and news reports, but I am enjoying my favorite reading nook and the luxury of reading two new chapters at one sitting. The suspenseful twist has my mystery loving mind filled with speculations.

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    1. πŸ™‚ You can go all the way back to the beginning if you like! There are three ways. 1. Go to and search for my name (Nora Edinger) under the magnifying glass at the top. All the chapters will come up and you can start at chapter 1 and hit “next chapter” at the end of each chapter. 2. Google “Suspended Aggravation Chapter 1” and it should get you there directly. Again, hit “next chapter” at the end of each post. 3. Or, you can go into the Chapter 24 link and hit “previous chapter” at the bottom until you get to the first chapter.

      Thanks for reading!


      1. Thanks, Joy. I found you easily on this e-book. I remembered having seen the first Chapter before and was reminded of your entertaining use of words as you tell a story. I will try not to drop the ball this time around but I am now reading a non-fiction (Licenced to Lie, Sydney Powell). I must finish it soon since it is kindle with no recheck privilege. I’ll see you soon.

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      2. There’s no hurry. “Suspended Aggravation” will continue posting until the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It will likely remain on the magazine site for some time after that as it is sponsored art. (Thank you, Jesus on that part!) Have a blessed weekend. πŸ™‚


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