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On hiatus except for book chapter postings until October

Sometimes life piles up on one quickly!

Trying to catch up on just everything here at JOY Journal. To that effect, I will be on social media hiatus until October — with the exception of posting weekly chapter releases of my serialized book, “Suspended Aggravation.” (This book will wrap in November.)

WordPress readers who need to contact me quickly are welcome to leave a comment on a post or use the contact button on my home page to connect directly to my email. Facebook readers are welcome to message me on that platform.

Have a blessed start to fall, friends!

21 thoughts on “On hiatus except for book chapter postings until October”

  1. Good for you. Enjoy your hiatus. Though I will say I’ll miss your mid week comment of blessing you post on my site. Hope you have a lovely September and may your month be productive and filled with many precious moments with your family.

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      1. Well, I’m really just doing one seat cushion, a pillow and the edging of a window blind. πŸ™‚ Everything except the cushion is done. Today, I’m putting up fall decorations! Whee! Have a blessed weekend!

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