Spicy butternut squash soup

“Roses and violets from summer gardens, sun-drenched Sicilian lemons squeezed of their juice and mingled with juniper from the frozen north. Saffron threads and gold leaf from the Indies waited to be turned into something magical." Laura Madeleine, "The Confectioner's Tale For days, it has been hovering near 90, too hot to even sit properly… Continue reading Spicy butternut squash soup


Mountain-style cornbread

"Her corn-cake, in all its varieties of hoe-cake, dodgers, muffins and other species too numerous to mention, was a sublime mystery to all less practised compounders.” Harriet Beecher Stowe, American writer There's cornbread and there's cornbread. In my childhood, my grandmother whipped up a lot of those little Jiffy boxes, baking them in a Pyrex… Continue reading Mountain-style cornbread


Iron Skillet Apple ‘Pie’

“Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.” Yogi Berra, American baseball great and renowned quipster A commercial herb gardener and I once had a delightful arrangement. I did her product brochures and labels. She designed various sections of my garden. It was always a delight to visit her home… Continue reading Iron Skillet Apple ‘Pie’

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Lemony Salmon Spread

"...vicinity to the sea is desirable, because it is easier to do nothing by the sea than anywhere else, and because bathing and basking on the shore cannot be considered an employment but only an apotheosis of loafing." E.F. Benson, English writer/archaeologist People who have never lived at the beach watch hurricane coverage from afar… Continue reading Lemony Salmon Spread


Feel-better Tea

“I have been laid up with intentional flu.” Samuel Goldwyn, Polish-American film producer It doesn't seem quite fair. It's been sweltering in the 90s for days, but cold and flu season is already rocketing through area schools like an embarrassing text. Coughing. Bleary eyes. Hoarse voices. It's all here, at least for the youngest members… Continue reading Feel-better Tea