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C’est bon! Truffles a Valentine do

Delicious and vegan! But, I will use less cocoa powder for dusting the next time around. 🙂 A recent interview with a now-local pâtissier from France inspired me to try my hand at homemade truffles. This vegan version includes a bit of berry puree, which he said is commonly used for French Valentine treats. There… Continue reading C’est bon! Truffles a Valentine do


Pumpkin palooza — you know you’re ready!

It's fall. Sort of. If you are more than ready, here are a handful of recipes to start the season off right from one of my newspaper posts. Some are from my blog archives -- but one is new and it is my fave of the moment. Nacho Pumpkin Soup is good enough to, say,… Continue reading Pumpkin palooza — you know you’re ready!


Lemon mayonnaise

"Chic is a kind of mayonnaise -- either it tastes or it doesn't." Karl Lagerfeld, German designer This is so simple, it's hardly a recipe. But, I started making it about a month ago and it's such a burst of sunshine and spring I had to share it. Think of using it on any wrap… Continue reading Lemon mayonnaise


Candied Ginger

"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day." The Temptations Some recipes are more fun than others. This is one of the fun ones -- and the result is sugary bits of gold that are effectively candied sunshine. Sunshine in a jar! You can enjoy it all winter long -- minced on top of baked goods,… Continue reading Candied Ginger


Two ways with Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread is good for St. Patrick's day, to be sure. But, this bread is such a wonderful complement to soup (particularly vegetable, tomato or split pea) that it is a Saturday staple at our home all winter long. With dairy, or without, this version of Irish Soda Bread is the perfect complement to… Continue reading Two ways with Irish Soda Bread