Sweet Potato Pie 101

I learned the hard way — more than once — that it’s best to connect with an expert when trying a recipe that’s clearly outside of one’s wheelhouse. Sweet potato pie is a perfect example. I’d never heard of it until I was in my 30s and — while my enthusiasm level was high — my technique was off.

That first pie was such a stringy disappointment I didn’t try again until interviewing two experts earlier this month. (They are pictured the right.)

The pie in the above photo is my own — but it was prepared with techniques and a basic recipe the Nevels family of West Virginia has perfected over generations.

This time, every bite of that pie said Happy Thanksgiving! As do I, to you. Be blessed!

14 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Pie 101”

  1. The Marrow sisters have learned the art of the sweet potato pie. I haven’t had one since we lived in southern Virginia. Once a year a fellow teacher would bake us up a sweet potato pie. My husband was just talking about it on our Thanksgiving drive. Not sure I should tell him I read an article that interviewed a pair of experts who shared their recipe and tips.

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