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Gen Z’s Next Top Model?

“Blessings upon all that hate contention, and love quietnesse, and vertue, and Angling.” Izaak Walton

No, this isn’t a blog devoted to Izaak Walton. I just couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday’s quote — so much so that I looked up his Wikipedia bio and his top 25 quotes.

How can you not like a guy that could come up with thoughts like today’s quote — 1600’s spelling included! How can you not like a guy who not only conserved land for generations afar off, but left annual provision in his will for two poor young men to get them established in career-building apprenticeships? How can you not like a guy that even left annual cash for coal supplies to keep the village poor from freezing?

And, how can you not wish such sentiments could be more obviously present in modern-day culture, especially among Christians?

I wish all believers — particularly Gen Z, which includes our daughters — would consider this worthy man as a model for a thoroughly modern form of Christianity. Izaak Walton was green, clean living and doesn’t appear to have had an ounce of mean in him. This world could certainly use a flood of Christians like that!

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