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No need for accusers

“Tell me that I’m not forgotten. Show me there’s a God who can be more than all I’ve ever wanted. … Tell me something that might save my life.”      Sidewalk Prophets’ “Save My Life”

“Did you read the paper?” my husband asked. I knew from the tone of his voice there would be bad news. I picked up the front section from the kitchen table and, sure enough, there the story was. A young mother had been bludgeoned to death, police discovering not only her body but her crying toddler.

“Probably drugs,” my pre-caffeinated, lacking-in-compassion self replied. After all, West Virginia is the belly of the beast when it comes to opioid-use deaths. Drug-related deaths naturally follow that kind of money. “Drugs or sex,” I continued. “Maybe both.”

My husband had a kinder view. “Whatever it was, no doubt there’s a long, complicated and sad story behind it.”

Ouch! How could I be so merciless — and all before 7:30 a.m.?

He was right. That mother, that killer, that toddler were and are made in the image of God. No matter how they arrived at such a horrific point, there was (for the dead) and is (for the living) the opportunity for someone to somehow intervene or at least intercede with God on their behalf.

I pray I can be that kind of stand-in-the-gap believer next time. The world already has more than enough accusers.

3 thoughts on “No need for accusers”

    1. A boyfriend has been charged. I later learned church ladies had been working with the mom, who had difficult circumstances all around. So, God was at work even in the middle of a tragedy. The little girl was initially placed in the foster system, but I suspect if family didn’t take custody, a local pastor’s family that was behind the efforts to help the mom may wind up adopting the child. Thanks for reminding me about this story. That tiny girl still needs a lot of prayer. Blessings, Miss Rachael. (I have a daughter by the same name. :))

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