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Seize the french fry!

“Go out there and be as happy as a bird with a french fry.”  Jan Karon

For those of you who do not yet know the joy of speaking Southern, this is a very classy lady’s way of saying, “Seize the day!”

Spoken as an encouragement from one character to another in Jan Karon’s stellar book Come Rain or Come Shine, the words stamped such a vivid picture in my soul they are now spelled out in magnetized Scrabble tiles on the front edge of my stove hood. Every time I read them I smile.

That includes this morning. The spring sun is streaming through the kitchen windows. I’ve had a mug full of most-excellent White Castle brand coffee. So what if today is the busy start to a busy week that will wrap up with a busy holiday weekend? I’m am determined to live it out like a scrappy little sparrow.

Yes! I’m going to deliberately take Jesus up on His invitation to throw life’s cares in His capable hands and look for the moments of woo-hoo that are surely among the endless to do’s. I hope your week gets off to the same choosing of joy. Go out there! Seize the french fry!

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