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A peek at my new book

Making a Grand Exit: Biblical answers to Our Fear of Dying is live on Amazon. (Pun fully intended.)

An e-book, it is downloadable to Kindles, smart phones and other devices. Here is a quick peek at what’s inside:

“Given that the hope of heaven is the core of the Christian faith, physical death shouldn’t be able to shake our joy. It shouldn’t be able to make us quake in fear. But, it often does.”


“Death. He’s already been there. It’s true. Jesus has fully experienced physical death, seen the grave and defeated them both.

And, He didn’t do it by Himself or for Himself. Jesus has already made every provision to help you make the grandest of exits from this life and the most spectacular of entrances into your forever home.”


“When God created Adam, He literally breathed life into nostrils He had sculpted from the soil He had already spoken into existence. Adam was made of good stuff. No doubt he was handsome, intelligent, charming and perfect in every way. There was no room for death or decay in this God-breathed life.

But, there was room for decision.”


“There is not enough kale in the world to prevent (sin’s) disease-like nature. There is no chemotherapy that can subdue its deadly progress. Without salvation, sin is in you, is all around you and is aiming to kill.

A Christian’s death is not a failure of faith! Death comes to all because sin’s curse on this world is that broad, that deep.”

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