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‘Grand Exit’ on deep sale in honor of resurrection

To celebrate the event that shattered death’s hold on our world, my new non-fiction book will be on deep sale this Wednesday and Thursday.

As part of a Kindle Countdown Deal, Making a Grand Exit: Biblical Answers to Our Fear of Dying, is available for 99 cents from 8 a.m. PDT (California time) Wednesday (April 17) until midnight PDT on Thursday (April 18).

After that, the e-book is still on sale, but will inch back up in price over the next several days.

It can be downloaded to Kindles, smart phones and other devices.

A quick peek? Grand Exit sprang from watching a church friend battling both cancer and a terror of impending death. It explores what the Bible actually says about dying, death and God’s forever place, heaven.

Grand Exitspecifically answers the questions that some Christians are reluctant to talk about, such as: Why do people die? Is it OK for Christians to be afraid to die? What will happen when I die? What will happen to those I leave behind? and What is heaven really like? Answers are drawn solely from scripture.

The book also keeps the door open to readers who are investigating spirituality — respecting those of other faiths or no faith while speaking from an openly Christian viewpoint.

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