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ICYMI: Chapter 3 of ‘Suspended Aggravation’ and early reviews are live

Just saying — Gabe’s and Allie’s “real food” burgers could be vegan.

In case you missed it, Chapter 3 of “Suspended Aggravation” is live — as are Chapters 1 and 2 if you want to catch up on this serial release. Thanks to an arts patron, you can read here for free.

Here are a few reviews of this clean-read, light-hearted romance — THANK YOU, DEAR READERS!

+++ “Grabs attention. Love your writing style.” Oneta

+++ “Clearly, Suspended Aggravation will be my Sunday afternoon read. … You paint a great word picture, but the addition of the photographs drove home that fact that Wheeling is a real place. … Looking forward to reading more and holding out hope that by the end of the book Gabe might just get that ‘big old black lab’ to ride shotgun in his truck.” Beth

+++ “So good, Nora. The characters are enjoyable, the pace good and the details a delight. Looking forward to more.” Jacquie

+++ “I love how you tied in all the town’s points of interest into the story.” Ann

+++ “Wow, ready for the next chapter!” Clara

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