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Nothing but grace between the mugger and me

About 10 a.m. last Tuesday, I walked out of a magazine office in a nice section of a nice city and found myself in the middle of a mugging. Literally.

Impressive. But, God’s armor is more so.

The mugger briefly focused her attention on me. But, within seconds, an elderly woman was down in the street. And, the mugger, young and cherubic of face, was sprinting away. Within minutes, the still-bleeding victim, another witness and I were huddled in the back of a 7-11, filling out police reports using an ice cooler lid as a desk.

Just like that.

“What are you feeling?” my husband asked that night. We were sitting on the couch — the dog cuddled between us — and sort of watching “Finding Your Roots” on PBS like it was any other evening. And, just like that, I realized how very shaken I was, even though I was in no way injured.

I went to sleep with my Bible in my arms that night, in fact, wondering why a God who could imagine crocodile scales and shark teeth that refresh themselves in conveyor-belt manner would breathe His own life force into creatures so frail as humans.

It’s true. We have no horns or claws or even protective fur. We are defenseless against so much as a hard push against pavement. It’s no wonder we’ve turned to guns. Yet — politics completely aside — I don’t think that’s what God had in mind.

He, Himself, wants to be our armor against our sin-sickened world. He wants to be our shield and sword and strong castle tower surrounded by a moat filled with piranha and electric eels. The Bible says it again and again — not in those exact words, but the same idea. It says it in the Old Testament. It it says it in the New Testament.

And, at 10 a.m. or so last Tuesday, He said it on the street.

36 thoughts on “Nothing but grace between the mugger and me”

  1. Nora – so sorry for that frightening experience. Hope (& pray) that the mugging victim will be ok. May God heal her in body and mind from the horror of helplessness. Several Scripture verses helped me in times of great duress: Isaiah 41:10; Joshua 1:9; and my fav all time verses, Psalm 27:1&4. Blessings & blogging hugs – VA πŸ’œπŸŒŸπŸ™πŸ’œπŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ™πŸŒŸ

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    1. Thanks, Virginia! From what I have heard, she’s doing well considering her age, 92. Lots of bruises and pain, but in her home rather than in a hospital. A blessing! I’m sure she would welcome prayer. You’re right, scripture is a wonderful thing to have tucked into the heart.

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  2. Wow, Nora. I can see why you related to the picture in my post… you just lived through hardship and a perplexing circumstance. I am thankful that God kept you in His shadow. I pray the others including the elderly lady down the street were kept by the Lord as well. I am thankful that His Word is true, and that His love never fails. May His peace, protection, and healing balm continue to be with you all. Blessings my friend β™₯

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    1. Thank you, Jacquie! God really spared us all, even the young woman doing the mugging. No one is dead. No one was injured in permanently debilitating way. I’m just feeling thankful and encouraged that God moves so quickly when He needs to.

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  3. Powerful, powerful witness, Nora! I can’t imagine what that experience was like. But terrifying comes to mind! But as you so elegantly remind us, we are not called to live in fear. May your witness – sitting there in the 7-11 and here in Joy Journal – be of comfort to those who feel so vulnerable in this scary world.

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    1. All the glory goes to God. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to be scared until hours later. But, God was right there and wasn’t surprised at all. It really was a miracle that no one was more seriously injured. Once I processed it all, it was an incredible boost to my faith, especially as the mother of teens.


  4. Everytime I think of names for predators and muggers God reminds me they are His beloved too. So that’s why He’s God. I hope the lady wasn’t badly injured, though likely the real hurt is unseen.

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    1. My headline had a double meaning that you obviously figured out. πŸ™‚ The situation made me so sad for them both — one at the beginning of adulthood and the other near the end — struggling in very different ways. But, even now, God is able.


    1. She is 92 and pluckier than most 20 somethings — a pleasure to meet in spite of the circumstances. πŸ™‚ She’s pretty bruised up, but didn’t require hospitalization, thank the Lord. I would imagine she would welcome your prayers. Thanks, Michelle!

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    1. Thanks, Munna Sara. Ironically, I had been worried about being mugged when we were in Chicago. That is why I switched to a cross-body purse over the holidays and that is the purse I was wearing instead of carrying when it happened. I’m wondering if God didn’t put that thought into my heart weeks ago to help keep me safe in my home city in February. After seeing this, I don’t think I’ll ever carry an over-the-shoulder bag again!! Have a blessed weekend.

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      1. I am glad to hear that you are safe. This is good idea using a cross-body purse. People are not safe anywhere. I never understand the mentality of muggers or thieves. Why they do such act of cruelty? Why they don’t just work hard to complete their needs instead of hurting or robbing others. Why they don’t think that they are putting their lives and others in danger. It must be frightening for you but Almighty is there to help you.

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      2. Yes, He really was!! Today’s world is a sobering place, but I suspect there has never been a “safe” time. I know the city I live in was once home to murderous river pirates. That seems impossible to believe in 2020, but it is true. I suspect I will always carry a cross-body bag after this experience, but safety really does have to come from God. Blessings on the start to your week!!

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      3. I was grown up when militancy were on its highest peak. However their fight was with the Govt. they were nice to the children πŸ˜€. So, I had felt very safe that time. Atleast the bad people were also honest. Nowadays, we don’t have many options left when it come to the safety. Take care Nora. Your good teaching will always protect you.

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    1. It was and still is. This was one of the stranger experiences of my life, but it was amazing how the peace of God just seemed to surround everyone, including the woman who was hurt. It’s hard to describe, but it was very real. God really is good!

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  5. So sorry to hear about your scary experience (and hope the other victim is recovering just fine) but at the same time this was so lovely to read. It was a beautiful reminder that we all need to hear from time to time. God is our safe harbor, our shield. Thanks so much for sharing your story and hope you’re over the shock of it all ❀❀

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