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Afraid of COVID-19? My book about fear of dying is FREE for 3 days!

Is corona virus freaking you out? Are you sick? Is someone you love especially vulnerable?

Good news — if you’re already a believer, there’s peace to be found in God’s Word! And, if you’re still seeking a relationship with God, His joyful, death-defeating plan is revealed in the same place!

If you need an introduction to or reminder of what God has already done, consider downloading my 2019 release, Making a Grand Exit: Biblical Answers to Our Fear of Dying. It is available FREE on Amazon from Saturday through Monday.

This book was inspired both by my own near-death experience at age 22 from encephalitis and from watching a church friend battling both cancer and a paralyzing fear of death at the same time.

Making a Grand Exit specifically answers the questions that some Christians are reluctant to talk about, such as: Why do people die? Is it OK for Christians to be afraid to die? What will happen when I die? What will happen to those I leave behind? and What is heaven really like? Answers are drawn solely from scripture.

This book speaks from an openly Christian viewpoint, but respects readers who are investigating spirituality or are from other faiths or no faith.

Making a Grand Exit is FREE from 12:01 a.m. California time Saturday, March 14 until 11:59 p.m. California time Monday, March 16. LINK HERE to download your e-book copy to your Kindle, tablet, phone, laptop or other device.

Blessings, blog friends! God loves you and is able, even in a sobering time.

6 thoughts on “Afraid of COVID-19? My book about fear of dying is FREE for 3 days!”

  1. Nora, what a great opportunity to put fear to rest.
    The world is seemingly paralyzed with fear of the CoronaVirus or maybe it’s the dying part.

    I’m sure your book is perfect for the occasion. So proud of you!

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  2. As I read the description of your book and saw its 2019 publication date I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for the resource He gave you to publish a year ago that would be ready for you to freely give people today to help them find peace in Him.

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    1. God’s timing really is perfect. I hope it gets to wherever it needs to go. We’re having a lot of internet problems here with so many people home. I figure that’s happening everywhere. Have a blessed Sunday!


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