Can you sew? Go, go, go!

If I can do this, anyone who has ever sewn can, too! Seriously. I’m a hand crafter. This was the FIRST time I successfully sewed by machine.

I am so low tech, I sew by hand even though I do a fair bit of it. But, given the current world situation and a need for speed, I prayed for myself and turned on a sewing machine this weekend. By either miracle or a primitive knowledge not unlike that belonging to a jellyfish, I made 10 masks.

Was it fun? Not really. Do they work? Studies would suggest they do — 80 percent microbial blockage for a basic surgical mask such as the one I’m wearing. (Mine includes a filter layer, which should improve its effectiveness — in theory — although it’s hotter.) Is there a need? Oh, yeah.

The first ones are either staying home or going out to family and friends. More are in the works — assembled from the fabric stash every crafty person has and trimmed by long strips of sheet that only recently retired from being a, well, sheet.

Need a pattern? This one — a fitted surgical mask — was designed by trauma/flight nurse Jessica Nandino. She’s all over the internet right now. My tips would include making 10 or more at a time for efficiency — think assembly line production — and not catching the pleats into the nose and chin darts as this will leave you with too small a mask.

Be well, be blessed and be ready to love lavishly. God is able to use you this way or in some other way you may not have yet imagined.

35 thoughts on “Can you sew? Go, go, go!”

    1. Thanks, Gersom. Believe me, He already has. I had no idea how to even thread the machine when I started!! And, hilariously, I could only find the instruction book printed in Spanish. By grace and good diagrams, I figured it out.

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      1. Your description Nora reminded me of the song, GOD will make a way (where there seems to be no way, He works in ways we cannot see…) The Holy Spirit is guiding you according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). All the best to your ministry Nora!

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  1. I have an old sewing machine stashed in a commercial storage shed. Four years ago. I guess I need to get it out and bring it home and see if it works. I’m thinking it could be needing some lubrication, but I’ll give it a try. Thank you for your hard work, Nora! And for the pattern!!

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  2. Good for you Nora! I’m sure your sewing machine appreciates the exercise.
    Spent most of my morning working on masks for family and neighbors. Felt like I hit the jackpot when I was rummaging through fabric remnants and found a stash of 1/8 inch elastic my Mother in law gave me years ago. Still had the 65 cent price tag. My mom and I are using the same pattern and calling each other with alteration tips to fit various ages. Was it hard making your own ties?

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    1. At first, I was using factory-made bias tape. That was wonderful, but I quickly ran out. Now, I am cutting a gingham sheet into strips and making my own binding/ties. It’s time consuming to pin it on, but once it’s on it sews well. I made a couple of masks with flannel binding/ties. That was tricky. It got caught in the foot a couple of times — but, boy, is it soft. Blessings on your sewing! Can you believe how much stuff we crafty ones have? Like a treasure chest.

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    1. I’m thinking that all the quilters and crafters put together could probably mask the nation with our combined stash!! Craziness. Mine, oddly enough, is pine scented. I stored a bar of soap in there at some point. It’s like walking through the forest. 🙂 Blessings!

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  3. Hi Nora, masks with ribbons are best when you can’t try them on the person. The elastic bands I put on the one I made for my mom (and dropped off in her mailbox without the possibility of walking in) ended up a little snug around the ears 😕. Oh well.
    Let’s get these sewing machines rolling anyway!
    Take care, be safe.

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    1. They’re kind of hot, but I think they’re filtering a lot. I’m tempted to wear a silk scarf cowboy style. It might be more comfortable!! Be well and blessed, Dianna!!


  4. Both my daughters have been sewing like crazy, so I’ll leave the mask-making to them. Meanwhile, I’ve been sitting on my porch with my guitar and singing. Sometimes the elderly lady across the street comes over and sits on the wall along the driveway to listen, talk, and pray.

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