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“Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 25 is live, FREE

Click here to read chapter 25. Scroll to the bottom of the link for older chapters. Or, to start at the beginning of the book, Google “Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 1 for the quickest access. 🙂

Chapter 25 is live and FREE (thanks to the generosity of an arts patron). We’re past the halfway point in Gabe’s and Allie’s story and the plot thickens…

A quick look: A little bird tells Allie a big secret. Gabe is less willing to share what he knows.

4 thoughts on ““Suspended Aggravation” Chapter 25 is live, FREE”

  1. So many pieces to the puzzle are falling together which has me wondering where the other pieces will fall. Nora, you truly have the gift for keeping your readers chomping on the bit for more.

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    1. 🙂 Well, thank you! This was my favorite book to write so far! A prayer request, though. Another book that follows Allie’s best friend and continues Allie’s and Gabe’s story is being considered for publication by the same magazine. I’m hoping for a “yes” and the funding to make it happen before “Suspended Aggravation” wraps on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

      Have a blessed start to a fresh week!!

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      1. Nora, I’m so excited to hear that your literary pen has written another book and that the magazine is considering its publication. Please know that I’ll be praying!

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      2. 🙂 Thank you!! I actually have two books that need only a final edit. One is the novel in question. The other is a book of devotionals that I may self release on Amazon in January. I’m waiting to see what happens beyond that. I have notes for two other novels in the “Almost Heaven” series. Who knows?!

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