Roasty, toasty winter magic

A tiny door in the Victorian-era roaster, allowed a sample of coffee beans to be checked continually. This scoop was just short of French roast.

If you love coffee, this story that I did for New Year’s weekend’s combined Wheeling Intelligencer and News Register is for you. I simply cannot describe how wonderful that roasting room smelled and felt on a dreary December day.

I’ve done thousands of interviews. This one is my second favorite in terms of sheer fun — falling only behind Doris Haddock (Granny D), who walked across America at age 89 and 90.

When the French roast batch was done, the coffee beans rushed down a chute into a cooling bin and the air was filled with coffee-scented smoke. The hot beans have to be raked into quick coolness to retain their peak flavor. I taste tested a couple of the still-warm beans. Amazing.

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