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Posh Summer

The uber-posh Oglebay family is specific to Wheeling, W.Va. (and Cleveland, Ohio), but this story of how they spent their summers is oddly relatable and universal. (What a fun interview this one was. Sarita’s journal is darling and I want one of those white dresses!!)

Rich, poor or somewhere in the middle. Then or now. Summer and family go together like strawberries and cream.

10 thoughts on “Posh Summer”

    1. I’m glad the Oglebay’s property became park land. Otherwise, it likely would have met the same fate. It’s expensive to keep up big homes — or even Craftsman bungalows — these days.

      Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Earlier this spring I happened upon some antique Grace Livingston Hill books from the early 1900’s at my favorite used bookstore. I’ve been enjoying them these last few weeks and my first thought when I saw the pictures and read your article was that the Oglebay farm, Sarita and Courney’s courtship, and all the summer activities could have been the setting of one of her novels. Sarita’s summer tea sounds so refreshing on this 90 degree day. I do wish we had more visionary’s like Earl Oglebay who saw floundering farms as an opportunity to purchase and re-start them agriculturally rather than developing them.

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    1. 🙂 Agreed! Interestingly, oil and gas development is ending up saving family farms in the area. It’s a complicated issue. The fracking associated with the industry is environmentally damaging on one side. But, the income is helping people keep their farmland functioning on the other. Lots of gray.

      Have a blessed weekend!

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