Marmalade: Sunshine in a Jar

Orange marmalade doesn’t care if the sky is gray. For at least a couple of hours, it will turn your kitchen into a steamy, citrus-scented slice of the tropics. Read more about my latest test kitchen experiments here.

13 thoughts on “Marmalade: Sunshine in a Jar”

  1. Nora, You had me with the title “Sunshine in a jar.” I couldn’t agree more with Kaczor that canning captures the best of every season. Opening a jar of our homemade strawberry jam is like taking a bite of summer. I had to smile at the “outdated” method of wax sealing. As kids, we’d argue over who got to pop the wax off the top of my mom’s raspberry jam. My brother always had the best technique.

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    1. I know there are recipes out there online for jams with artificial sweeteners and with reduced added sugar — as opposed to the natural sugars in the fruit. I believe there are some on the USDA site, but I’ve not experimented with any of them. Marmalade would seem like a natural place to start tweaking a recipe as the peels are what provides the pectin to make it jell. It would seem like the sugar could at least be reduced without affecting texture too much. But, taste is the other issue.


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