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Little dress, better world

"Together, we can make a difference ... one little dress at a time." Rachel O'Neill, head of Little Dresses for Africa, despair-defying firebrand If you have a lovely pillowcase, a summer afternoon and minimal sewing skills, you have the right stuff to make a difference in one little girl's life. That's all it takes to… Continue reading Little dress, better world

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All out of happy? Try joy!

“Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French philosopher, Jesuit priest, paleontologist David Brooks, esteemed New York Times columnist, wrote recently about the futility of seeking happiness rather than welcoming joy. In Our Daily Bread, so did David Roper, esteemed faith writer. Daisies, a sure sign of the… Continue reading All out of happy? Try joy!

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Is supernatural power real?

Once -- when I was a tiny California girl and the 1970s Jesus Movement was in its waning days -- something extraordinary happened at church. A wild-eyed LSD addict walked into the sanctuary and she didn't walk out. Percy Jackson's got nothing on God... "But we have this treasure (salvation) in earthen vessels (ordinary human… Continue reading Is supernatural power real?