MacGyver Chocolate Sauce

Have you ever seen the original version of the MacGyver TV series? Long story short, handsome guy with a quirky ability to turn anything — and I mean anything — into the very life-saving tool he needs.

This sauce is to the kitchen as MacGyver was to danger. It can be a dip. It can be a topping for fresh fruit. It can be a glaze. It can be a frosting. It can be a drink — on a really, really bad day. And, it couldn’t be easier. Enjoy!

MacGyver Chocolate Sauce

This recipe is entirely about proportions. For enough sauce to provide a topping for four-to-six servings of fresh fruit, put 1 cup semi-sweet or dairy-free chocolate chips into a Pyrex dish (like a measuring cup). Pour in dairy or nut milk (I prefer cashew milk) until top of milk/nut milk is just below the top of the chocolate. Microwave 45 seconds to one minute.

Test for doneness by stirring for 30 seconds. If you have reached the proper temperature, the morsels and milk will combine into a smooth, creamy sauce the texture of mayonnaise.

This base can be used as is (cool to room temperature for fresh fruit) for a topping or dip. If you want a glaze, add a little more milk/nut milk. If you want frosting, add powdered sugar and softened butter/vegan substitute and mix with an electric mixer until you have the desired consistency. If you want a drink, make the base first, then add enough milk/nut milk to get a drinkable texture and stir thoroughly. Drink this hot or cold, only adding sugar if you absolutely must.

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